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The other end of the line – by Beatrice Nkwamah


The other end of the line – by Beatrice Nkwamah

Have you ever imagined what happens wen you text someone!!!
They go like,” hahhaaa” while they are crying and go like,” it is so saaaaad” while watching a comedy show….
But what makes us believe that what they say to us is true???
” i love you” with a beating heart emoji would make u giggle and sleepless but all is on the other end of the line. 
Very unfailing faith! Very unfailing love….patiently abiding to what we feel than what we see.
Two hearts that beat as one are like chat mates daily sharing views and objectives…such an unfailing faith might work if we look through our hearts and not our eyes to our spouses…..
Let love lead the way#


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