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Fans slam Toke Makinwa’s semi-nude photos to promote her products 


Fans slam Toke Makinwa’s semi-nude photos to promote her products 

Media personality Toke Makinwa’s semi-nude photos have generated a whole lot of controversies on her Instagram page after she posted them to promote her soon to be launched beauty products.

The OAP had appeared totally unclad with just her hands covering her members. This didn’t go well with some of her fans who believe she isn’t practicing what she preaches as she is known to some of the times profess her love for God on her social media timelines.

See reactions below:

***that’s the problem with us today. We would clearly see our brothers and sisters going astray but instead of cautioning them, we’ll keep quiet because it’s mainstream and we’re all not “perfect”. Calling someone to order is referred to as “judging” or “criticizing” because it’s their body or their way of life. I’m not judging, I’m just saying we must not preach one thing and do another thing.


*** Non of my business but this clearly is part of the new world demonic agenda to destroy what is left of Africa. They have succeded in eroding african culture, now they are wiping out morals. You probably did this, because Kim, beyonce etc do it and get applauded. But their fabric isnt the same as yours. Theirs have been ripped apart. Don’t fall for the deception.
***f there is nothing to hide, why can’t I see your pussy, uncultured woman
Some although gave her their total support:
*** I don’t see anything wrong with this!!! Yes she is a Christian, a grown up woman, and yes we young ladies look up to her.. she is promoting her brand!!! And who are y’all that are judging.


*** Women should be allowed to express themselves whichever way the chose to, this is not been naked in my opinion


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