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Former Zambian First Lady takes maids to court for stealing her beer 

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Former Zambian First Lady takes maids to court for stealing her beer 

Former Zambian First Lady, Christine Kaseba Sata, who accused her house maids and garden boy of allegedly stealing her clothes and alcohol, has dragged them to court.

Stella Michelo 45, Eusibia Malambo 27 and Zachariah Mulama 24 who were formally arrested and charged on 24th July, 2018, jointly and while acting together allegedly stole seven browsers, 1 dress and 1 pack of Heineken altogether valued at K5,000.00.
The suspects who have been sued by the former Zambian First Lady, are scheduled to appear before Magistrate Nsunge Chanda on 7th August, 2018 for plea and setting of trial.
Christine Kaseba Sata made headlines few years ago, after she was linked to a series of multiple extra marital affairs particularly with men younger her age. Zambia Reports source alleged that foreign affairs minister Harry Kalaba was among Dr Kaseba’s alleged sweethearts. Others allegedly enjoying flourishing but a suspicious type of friendship with the First Lady, are State House staffers Nelson Tembo and Lackson Liyawawa.
“Kaseba loves young men because her husband H.E is old and also has been unable to perform in bed because of his health and old age,” the source claimed.


According to the source, Dr Kaseba was allegedly enjoying her company with young men and spoilt them with comfortable lives and expensive gifts to win their loyalty.
“You may know by now that she is about 25 years younger than her husband, she loves young men and reaches an extent of sleeping with them,” the source claimed.
Both Tembo and Liyawawa, according to the source, are both State House staff and Dr Kaseba has allegedly dated them simultaneously.


“Currently she is having an affair with foreign affairs minister Harry Kalaba. You have seen that Kalaba has been promoted from a mere deputy minister in Veep’s (Vice-President) office to lands minister and now senior cabinet minister. All this is because the first lady recommended him and asked her husband to do so,” the source claimed.



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