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Landlord asks tenant to stop paying rent for next 3 years and here’s why

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Landlord asks tenant to stop paying rent for next 3 years and here’s why

A lady has taken to twitter to inform her followers about the unexpected kind gesture of her landlord and his wife. They have just decided to let her live in their house rent-free for the next three years

The lady mentioned in her post that the man wants her to have enough savings so she could build her own house too in a very short time.

Read her tweets.

Guys, my landlord (and lady) have asked me to stop paying rent. Ati we are practically family now. They want me to save up and finish building so they’re drafting a contract which will allow me to stay in their house rent free for the next 3 years!
They say they don’t need the money. What they need is to empower youths like me to become independent. Mwebantu, what planet are these people from?
This is a young couple btw, the man is 31 and his wife is 29. They had a head start in life and I guess they’re just trying to give back to the universe.
Her followers have been congratulating her and some even wish their landlords could do the same for them. And that if many other people can emulate the couple, the world will be a better place to live in.
One even chipped in that the landlord of the apartment he is about to rent has just reduced his rent:

Wow that’s dope.  My soon to be landlord Reduced his 3 bedrooms flat from K3000 to K2000 per month so I save and expand my business. Good people still out there


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