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Chemical in pots decreases your penis size – New Report

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Chemical in pots decreases your penis size – New Report

A chemical which is found in nonstick pots, pans, waterproof products, and firefighting foam, has been causing terrifying problems with male fertility for decades, a new research indicates.

Researchers in Veneto, Italy, studied 383 young men, including 212 who’d been exposed to PFCs(perfluoroalkyl compounds) .

According to the study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, the group that had been exposed “had shorter penises, lower sperm counts, lower sperm mobility, and a reduction in ‘anogenital distance,’ a measure that scientists see as a marker of reproductive health,” as reported by The Intercept.

The exposed group also had a strong chance for having abnormally shaped sperm. It is believed that PFCs bind to testosterone receptors, reducing the male sex hormone in the body. 📷: ShowTV

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