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Why I’m thinking of ending my relationship with girlfriend – Man writes


Why I’m thinking of ending my relationship with girlfriend – Man writes

A man has taken to a popular Nigerian forum to seek for help on the decision to make as he plans to end his relationship with girlfriend.

According to the man, his girlfriend finds it hard to apologize anytime there is a misunderstanding between them and even when she is wrong. And he stated that it is a flaw he can’t seem to tolerate.

He wrote:

We’ve been together for a while now, and I intended to marry her, but she has a flaw that i can’t get past and she has to change.

She never apologizes, she finds it so difficult to say sorry for any wrongdoing, she will either try her hardest to defend it or start being emotionally manipulative, I have spoken and complained to her about it so much and I’m tired of talking about it because it now seems like I’m begging for an apology from someone that is supposed to care about how I feel.

It may seem like a small issue to some but I’ve thought about it, if she’s like this now what will she be like during marriage?
At this point i think I should just end the relationship instead of going ahead to marrying someone with a flaw I know I can’t live with.

What do you think?

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